Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I met the cutest lady the other day. Why is it that where ever I go I tend to make a new friend (usually a senior citizen)? She was 70 yrs old and we talked about all sorts of things. Like how she is going back to school to get her degree, styles from the 1950's and our great bargains we found at the DI. This woman was so beautiful! I hope I age gracefully like her!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

DI fabulous Finds

So I went to the DI this week and found some great stuff! I have been wanting to decorate for Valentine's Day but don't have a big budget for all the cuteness found in the stores so I thought I would check out our local thrift store. Here are some of the things I found this week:

I want to repaint this with some pink paint (by the way this was 25 cents)

I found the wreath for $1.25 and I want to make a burlap wreath
Sorry about the sideways pic. I'll have to ask my sister how to turn the picture. I loved the color of these. The figurine reminds me of a ballerina!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year!

Oh my goodness, I am soooo new at blogging. I have created at least 3 blogs and I don't know how to delete them. Here are a few of my personal goals this year :
1. Figure out how to blog
2. Learn to sew

3. Take a home decorating class

4. Decorate one part of my home each month

5. Dejunkify my house
6. Spend quality time with my husband, kids and as a family

7. Read more

8. Watch less TV

9. Make some new friends

10. Be content

I also want to post what I am going to call "Thrifty Thursdays" and start blogging my latest finds at the DI and share how I'm going to turn trash into treasure....oh I am excited!
Wish me luck and Happy New Year!

Monday, November 15, 2010

CupCake Craziness

I have been making cupcakes every week for the last month and a half and I can now say I am obsessed. It has been so much fun creating them. My fav so far are my pomegranate cupcakes. They are amazing!